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Bundesliga-Haaland doubles Sancho’s two assists to help the savior, Moncheng 4-2 ends 12-game losing streak against Dortmund

Live broadcast, January 22nd, Beijing time at 3:30 on January 23rd, in the 18th round of the Bundesliga, Dortmund fought against Borussia. In the first half, Harland and Elvidi both rang, Sancho assisted and ended the half with a score of 2-2. In the second half, Ben Sebani scored and M-Thuram made a contribution as a substitute. After 17 rounds, Dortmund ranked fourth with 9 wins, 2 draws, 6 losses and 29 points, and the Champions League top 16 vs. Sevilla.


Dahoud:I am very happy that the state has recovered and I hope to retire in the Hornet

Recently, Dortmund’s 24-year-old midfielder Dahoud accepted an interview with Club Magazine. In the interview, he said:“I have played for Dortmund for three years. These three years have not been very smooth, but fortunately in his own state. Some improvement, although I am a substitute in Dortmund, I believe that as long as I perform well, I will have the opportunity to become the main force.”


Mounier:Coming to Dort makes me happy again

Live broadcast on November 4 Dortmund is about to face Bruges in the Champions League group stage. In an interview before the game, defender Munier talked about the reasons for choosing to join Dortmund this summer. He said that the enthusiasm of the fans was one of the reasons he made this choice, and he regained his happiness in Dortmund. Mounier said:”I need a new journey. I want to change to a new environment. Simply put, everything is brand new.


Watzke:The Bundesliga match has not been proven to be a risk of infection

Live broadcast, October 30. Due to the escalation of the German government’s epidemic control measures, the Bundesliga will be played in November. Dort CEO Watzke said in an interview with Ruhr News that the previous anti-epidemic measures of the Bundesliga team are exemplary, and empty games will cause a great loss of revenue to the club. Regarding the league will be played empty again, Watzke said:”This will cost Dortmund tens of millions of euros in revenue.


Tidott is unlikely to renew Favre’s coach candidates including Nagelsman and other three

Live broadcast, October 28, according to German media”Sport Bild” reported that Dortmund is unlikely to renew his contract with Favre, the team is interested in Leipzig coach Nagelsmann and other three. According to reports, although Favre can get 2.15 points per game, the team is unlikely to renew its contract because it has not led the team to win important championships. Favre’s current contract with Dortmund will be until June next year. End.


Pictorial:Sancho was unhappy in Dortmund and no longer has illusions about the team

Live broadcast, October 23, according to the”Bild” reported that Sancho was unhappy in Dortmund. The news said that he no longer had illusions about the team and his data also dropped sharply. This summer, the media rumors that Sancho is Manchester United’s number one target, but the Red Devils are unwilling to meet Dortmund’s asking price of more than 100 million euros, and the transaction did not take place.


Dortmund:Paul guided me to defend Harden in the playoffs

“I spent a lot of time preparing. I have to prepare earlier. Fortunately, we have Paul. He is the leader. He knows how to play the playoffs and knows how to prepare. So I spent a long time with him. , Watching videos about Harden and studying his games, I think it helps a lot.”