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2021 China dragon boat race ends Hong Kong wins

Beijing, October 16, Zigui, Hubei (Li Caiyun, Nie Shuang) the 2021 China dragon boat competition and the “Olympic dragon boat” promotion competition closed on October 16. Hong Kong Yueliang dragon boat team won the first place in the total score of the event.


The seventy-year-old man in Daoxian County, Hunan has been in love with dragon boats for 56 years

China News Service, Yongzhou, April 20 (Tang Xiaoqing, Jiang Xiaoguo, Wu Dongmei) “Why do you want to carve a dragon ball? Double dragons grab the ball and make it look good. If you carve a tongue, it will be ugly. This dragon ball is quite refined and it is rare for someone to do it well.” Zhou Chengyun, a resident of Shuinan Community, Shangguan Sub-district Office, Daoxian County, is painting the dragon boats in his small workshop, rushing to make a batch of small dragon boat crafts reserved by tourists.


Competitive dragon boat ushers in its first water show, BYD uses technology to help”dragon boat enter the Olympic Games”

A competitive dragon boat that meets the Olympic standards was unveiled for the first time in this event and was tested in the water. This signifies that the pace of dragon boat entry into the Olympics is significantly accelerating. This is also since BYD became a”Dragon Boat Entering Olympic Strategic Partner”, many parties have joined hands to help Another great positive progress has been made in the process of Dragon Boat entering the Olympics.


Burning! Two major events will be held in Yichang

It will be held in Yichang soon. The reporter learned from the Yichang Sports Center that according to the National Sports General Administration’s 2020 competition plan, the National Shooting Championship will be held at the Yichang Olympic Sports Center from September 19th to 27th.


Hu Qingchang:Wanjiang Dragon Boat Competition”Ferryman”

Hu Qingchang, who grew up in Liuyongwei, Wanjiang, was influenced by his parents and forged an indissoluble bond with the dragon boat since childhood. What makes him especially proud is that his father is a”jumping” in the village dragon boat. Hu Qingchang introduced that”jumping heads” are often the core figures of the team. Most of them hold a baton painted with red paint or wrapped in red silk, which is particularly eye-catching.