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This is Xinjiang丨Southern Xinjiang girl’s fashion private order

The beautiful Adila is the owner of a dress shop. Her shop is located in Atushi. The shop attracts a group of country girls who love dress design and tailoring. Now the living conditions are better. Girls in southern Xinjiang like to make tailor-made dresses when attending weddings and important festivals.


TVB celebration! Hundreds of celebrities attended the event in full costumes, their dresses resembled a studio style, and the makeup was too thick

It is reported that a total of over a hundred entertainers dressed up to attend this year, the scene is quite lively. In addition to complaining about the dim starlight and relying on old opera bones to support the stage, they also complained that the dresses of the artists were too studio-like, and the makeup was too heavy, and the aesthetics remained in the 90s.


The Queen of England celebrates its 73rd anniversary! Wearing a gem-set diamond brooch is super luxurious, and the 99-year-old prince”lizard man” has scary skin

The 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is the longest reigning female monarch in the history of the United Kingdom and there is no one. As an elegant queen for a lifetime, her every look has maintained a super high standard, even now. A 94-year-old grandmother, but her playful and bold dressing style is more colorful than most young girls.


Ma Yili’s skinny figure is more advanced, wearing a fluorescent green dress attracts the eye, and the temperament is amazing

Ma Yili is a very familiar actress, and her love life has also attracted everyone’s attention. She is a very senior actress. In addition, after the divorce, her outfits have become more fashionable and individual, very eye-catching, not at all like a middle-aged person, she is not old and has a good look. No, a fluorescent green tube top dress lined the whole person’s skin white Shengxue, looking like the goddess Fan bursting.


“Brand Show”┊Adeam 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Show

Adeam designer brand We hope that ADEAM 2021 spring and summer series can bring some Japanese summer to our global audience. In order to evoke this season, we start with the sense of touch and honed in production and tailoring. Linen and cotton—traditional textiles used to make yukatas, informal summer kimonos worn in summer festivals and hot springs, appearing in many forms.


The 62 most memorable red carpet looks in 2020 (3)

After the second issue, please continue to browse through the 62 most memorable red carpet looks of 2020. Portman’s custom Dior dresses list the names of female directors who were left out at the 2020 celebration:Lorene Scafaria, Lulu Wang, Greta Gerwig, Mati Diop), Mariel Heller, Melina Matthew Cass, Alma Hael and Celine Shima.