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Zhou Tao was so foreign when he was young! The Bubble Sleeve T folds over the suspender skirt like a fairy, and the curly hair doesn’t look old

In dressing, we should not make blind choices just to pursue the sense of design or a certain style of clothing, which will lead to the inconsistency between our own temperament and image and the style of the selected clothing, which will not only fail to wear the effect of clothing, but also turn our own characteristics into defects.


Wear so little, just for others to see

But someone said,”you are a girl. Don’t you think so?” However, the girl only wore the clothes she wanted to wear, but when she wore less, she was maliciously speculated and evaluated.


Fashion Kim Kardashian, charming and stylish

As we all know, the Kardashian sisters are not only reality TV stars, but also fashionable women in the United States. As far as Kim Kardashian is concerned, her fashion style is the most outstanding. Since she lost weight, every style of dress is very eye-catching, but the most colorful and stylish dress is dress. A group of photos of her dress to see if it’s more attractive?