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Taiwan military”Han Guang” military simulation was attacked by biological warfare agents, joined the private hospital to participate in the disposal

To this end, the Taiwan Army conducted a”biological warfare and integration of military and civilian medical capabilities” exercise in Kaohsiung, simulating the attack of biological warfare agents by the joint arms battalion, and coordinated the E-Da Hospital and the chemical defense group to decontaminate and improve their evacuation capabilities.


76 Group Army heavy synthetic brigade, army aviation brigade plateau combat training

Over the past few days, multiple synthetic brigades and army aviation brigades of the 76th Group Army have held intensive training missions in the plateau area to improve the quality of officers and soldiers, and tested new tactics under various high-tech conditions. The brigade is a heavy synthetic brigade of the 76 Group Army equipped with 99-type tanks, 04A infantry fighting vehicles, 11-type self-propelled rocket launchers and other advanced equipment.


Armed Police Jilin Detachment Launches”Devil Week” Extreme Training

Recently, the Jilin Detachment of the Armed Police Jilin Corps conducted a 7-day and 6-night”Devil Week” extreme training in a mountainous area of ​​Jilin City, requiring special combatants to carry no less than 30 kilograms per person, a daily journey of no less than 30 kilometers, and training time Not less than 18 hours.