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On the fourth day after London’s lockdown, the most unbearable scene happened

This article is reproduced from the WeChat public account Niu Tanqin. The author Niu Tanqin’s seemingly common details actually expose too many deep-seated problems. The worst scene happened after the fourth day of London’s lockdown. It is not the rapid decline in the number of diagnoses and deaths. Frankly speaking, such high expectations are out of reality; it is that the order in some areas has fallen into chaos, and even the trapped people and the police have even started fighting.


FIA year-end awards, annual car king Hamilton becomes the biggest winner

China News Service, December 19th. Recently, the 2020 FIA FIA year-end awards ceremony was held online. Mercedes-Benz driver Hamilton became the biggest winner and won multiple awards including the best individual of the year. Car King Schumacher reaped FIA Chairman Special Contribution Award. Data map:Hamilton. The F1 season came to an end, and the FIA’s year-end awards ceremony arrived as scheduled.