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Domestic media:Zall recently announced the head coach candidate, most likely a local coach

Live broadcast on December 19 According to domestic media reports, Zall will announce the new head coach in the near future. Since the Spanish coach Jose left get out of class midway, Zall’s training has been under the responsibility of the Chinese team leader Pang Li and the coaching team leader Ma Yongkang, but the team’s performance has never improved. In the end, only relying on the play-off victory over Greentown was relegated.


Football News:Zall is facing reconstruction, it is very likely that Zheng Bin of the former Li Tie team will be righted

Live broadcast on December 14 According to”Football News”, Zall, who has finished this season, is facing reconstruction, and under comprehensive consideration, the team may righteous Zheng Bin from the original Li Tie team. Compared with Wuhan Jiangda Women’s Football Team who won the Women’s Super League and Wuhan’s three towns won the Chinese Second Championship, Zall’s performance in the Super League this season was disappointing.


Guoan lost to Zall 0-3

On the afternoon of December 2nd, Beijing time, the quarter-finals of the 2020 Chinese Football Association Cup continued. Wuhan Zall defeated Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, which played by young players 3-0, and advanced to the semi-finals of the Football Association Cup.