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Dunhuang Research Institute launched the first batch of cultural and creative jewelry products

China News Service, May 25th (Reporter Li Jiajia) Nowadays, the national boom based on the prevalence of domestic products is becoming more and more popular and concerned by Chinese young people. It has also brought many traditional Chinese cultures back to people’s attention and burst into new ideas. vitality. On the 25th, the Dunhuang Research Institute announced in Shanghai that the first batch of Dunhuang jewelry was officially launched. This batch of cultural and creative jewelry was jointly produced by the Dunhuang Research Institute and Yu Shunhang, and was named “Jade See Dunhuang”.


“Cultural Capital of East Asia·China Dunhuang Event Year” will kick off: online and offline throughout the year

China News Service, Lanzhou, April 2 (Reporter Ding Si Li Yalong) On the 2nd, Zhu Jianjun, Mayor of Dunhuang City, Gansu, introduced the 2021 “Cultural Capital of East Asia·China Dunhuang Event Year” in Lanzhou, saying that the event will be held on April 8. The opening ceremony will be held in Dunhuang from January to the 10th; with the theme of “Cultural Temple·Dunhuang of Humanity”, throughout the year, adopting the mode of “online and offline integration”, covering culture, sports, education, tourism, economy and trade and other fields There are 20 key activities and more than 100 local cultural activities in five series of international exchanges and exhibitions, international academic seminars, international art exchanges, cultural and tourism integration, and local characteristic activities.