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11 people killed in Egyptian train derailment accident

   China News Agency, Beijing, April 19th Cairo News: The Egyptian Ministry of Health issued a statement on the 18th that a passenger train derailment accident occurred in the city of Tuch, north of the capital Cairo, that afternoon. 11 people have been killed and 98 people have been injured.


“Pharaoh’s Golden Parade” 22 ancient Egyptian pharaoh mummies “moved”

   China News Service, April 4th. According to comprehensive foreign media reports, on the evening of April 3, local time, the Egyptian government held a grand “moving house” handover ceremony and parade for the mummies of 22 famous kings, queens and queens. The convoy carrying the mummies traveled through the streets of Cairo, Egypt, to the “new home” Egyptian Civilization Museum.


Two trains collided in Egypt causing 32 deaths: Suspected someone pulled the emergency brake valve

   China News Service, March 26. According to a comprehensive report, on the 26th local time, Egyptian authorities said that two trains collided in the southern Sohag province of the country, causing at least 32 deaths and 66 injuries. The Egyptian Railway Company said that the rear-end collision of the train was suspected to be caused by someone pulling down the emergency brake valve.