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Wang Chuanfu: The century-old revolution of electric vehicles has entered the “Warring States Period” from the “Spring and Autumn Period”

   China News Service, January 18th. On January 15-17, the 7th China Electric Vehicles Forum (2021) with the theme of “New Development Pattern and Auto Industry Reform” was held in Beijing. BYD Chairman and President Wang Chuanfu was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a keynote speech on “Embracing a century of change, focusing on market pain points, and accelerating the electric vehicle industry into the “14th Five-Year” new development stage” at the high-level forum of the conference on the 16th.


Trash guy’s gift for his wife-Yunda New Energy Electric Vehicle

His wife’s electric car was given to him by her grandfather. It is said that the origin is unknown. It seems that the frame number is worn out and cannot be registered. Now the new national standard, I live in the first ring road of a second-tier city, driving is very congested, and there are various jc uncles nearby. Standing guard, I feel that next year’s new national standard will definitely be strictly investigated. It is better to change one as soon as possible and get the card.


Tesla’s latest battery life may exceed 1.6 million km

In May this year, the sales of Model 3 in the domestic market exceeded 10,000 units. In contrast, there are only less than 1,500 units in the United States. Although a large part of this is due to the impact of the US epidemic, the importance of the Chinese market has become undoubted.