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An elephant in Thailand got constipation. The doctor was wearing a raincoat to help it enema, but it was still poured all over.

It is said that medical staff are angels who treat illnesses and save people. In fact, the work done by veterinarians is not limited. Recently, the encounter of a veterinarian in a natural park in Thailand made people feel funny and sad. I saw in the video that the vet Tom and his assistant were about to give an elephant an enema. They were putting a tube into the elephant’s anus. Obviously the doctors and assistants were mentally prepared for what would happen next, and the three of them dressed in raincoats, operating carefully.


Elephant stampede in Myanmar’s Shan State has killed 4 people

At 3 o’clock in the morning on November 13, local time, an elephant in Maben Township, Shan State, Myanmar suddenly went mad and trampled on the breeder Wu Nianwen. Then he broke into a nearby village and trampled wildly, resulting in the deaths of three villagers, including one. A 6-year-old child. After receiving this news, staff from the local government, police and forestry department rushed to the scene and captured the elephant. As to the cause of the incident, relevant departments are continuing to investigate.