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Chinese Embassy in Guinea: Chinese citizens in Guinea should not go out temporarily to strengthen security

   Chinanews, September 6 According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Guinea, the Chinese Embassy in Guinea issued a “Safety Reminder on a Military Coup in Guinea” on the 6th. The embassy stated that on September 5, 2021, a military coup took place in Guinea. The coup soldiers announced the detention of President Conte, the abolition of the constitution, the dissolution of the government, the closure of the border, the establishment of the National Unity and Development Commission and the takeover of power, while calling on the people to maintain normal work and life.


Must be “in”! Multinational embassies in China cheer for Henan

   China News Service, July 22. Recently, Henan Province has experienced extreme heavy rainfall, which is rare in history, and disasters such as urban waterlogging, mudslides and landslides have occurred in some areas. The heavy rains in Henan Province have swept the screen, and the disaster has affected the hearts of people all over China, and rescue is being carried out urgently. The embassies of many countries in China also posted on Weibo, cheering for “Hu La Tang”.


Australia will close its embassy in Afghanistan

   Chinanews, May 26th. On the 25th local time, Australia said that “in view of the imminent withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan”, it will close the country’s embassy in Afghanistan on the 28th. As soon as the news came out, the Afghan staff working at the Australian embassy said that they felt abandoned and were likely to be targeted by the Taliban.


The Chinese Embassy in Argentina adjusts the list of accredited nucleic acid testing institutions

Chinanews.com, April 12th. According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Argentina, according to the recent review and issuance of the health code for international travel, and considering the national defense requirements of Chinese citizens for international travel, the embassy in Argentina will adjust the approved nucleic acid from now on The list of testing institutions, the list of new approved testing institutions is as follows:


The Chinese Embassy in Cuba issued a notice to update designated nucleic acid testing agencies

   Chinanews.com, March 22. According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Cuba, Cuba has adjusted its nucleic acid testing agencies based on the epidemic situation and added the Clinica internacional Camilo Cienfuegos testing center to provide testing services. The Chinese Embassy in Cuba updated the list of designated testing agencies accordingly. Passengers going to China are requested to select testing agencies from the new version of the list of designated agencies for testing.