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Third! Another Premier League player arrested for rape and illegal imprisonment

What happened to the Premier League players again! According to the”Daily Mail”,”The Times” and other media confirmed that a Premier League player was arrested by the police on suspicion of rape and illegal imprisonment.”The Times” has called the local police to confirm the matter and learned of the identity of the Premier League player, but it could not be disclosed to the outside world due to legal reasons.


Cavani became the second-year-old player to score Premier League goals, second only to Ibrahimovic

Live it on November 8 In the previous Premier League match, Manchester United beat Everton 3-1 and Cavani scored. According to official statistics from the Premier League, Cavani is the second-year-old player to win Premier League goals, second only to Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic scored his Premier League career debut on August 14, 2016, when he was 34 years old and 316 days old, while Cavani was 33 years old and 267 days old.


Can this man let us witness history?

Tottenham took a corner kick from the right, and Kane made a penalty kick. The Asian Kings scored 8 goals in the first six rounds. Sun Xingmin is a vital player under Mourinho this season. Can Sun Xingyun allow us to witness history?


After Moyes returned, West Ham scored 3+ goals in 9 league games, the most in the Premier League in the same period

According to official statistics from the Premier League, after Moyes returned, West Ham United scored 3+ goals in 9 Premier League games, which ranked first among Premier League teams in the same period. Since Moyes took charge of West Ham United’s coach again at the end of last year, he has led his team to participate in 24 Premier League games. In these 24 games, they scored 3+ goals in 9 games. This data is in the Premier League during the same period. Ranked first among the teams.


Bloomberg:Premier League sues PP Sports, seeking compensation of US$215.3 million

Live Bar, October 7th, according to Bloomberg News, the Premier League sued PP Sports, seeking compensation of 215.3 million US dollars, because it did not pay the broadcast costs in accordance with the contract. In September of this year, PP Sports and the Premier League terminated their cooperation due to broadcast costs. At that time, the Premier League claimed that PP Sports had defaulted on broadcasting expenses of approximately 160 million pounds in the Premier League.