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Pan Yue: Zhang Jian’s spirit has important inspiration for Chinese entrepreneurs

   China News Service, Beijing, December 12 (Reporter Wang Enbo) The 4th “Zhang Jian Spirit’s Significance of the Times” Forum was held in Beijing on the 12th. Pan Yue, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and first vice president of the Central Institute of Socialism, said in his speech that the spirit of Zhang Jian has important enlightenment for today’s Chinese entrepreneurs. “Chinese entrepreneurs should advance and retreat with the country. Share prosperity and disgrace, breathe together and share destiny.”


Chairman of Xiamen Taiwan Business Association: Many development opportunities, happy Taiwanese enterprises in the mainland

China News Service, Xiamen, December 10 (Reporter Yang Fushan) Wu Jiaying, President of the Xiamen Taiwanese Business Association, told reporters from China News Agency when attending the 2020 Cross-Strait Entrepreneur Summit Annual Meeting in Xiamen on the 9th that the development of the mainland has brought more and more Taiwanese businesses and enterprises. Many new development opportunities, “I have always said that happy Taiwanese enterprises are in the mainland.”


More than 30 alumni entrepreneurs of Southwest Jiaotong University”Rong” return to their hometown and seek common development

On October 13, more than 30 alumni entrepreneurs of Southwest Jiaotong University from all over the country returned to their hometowns to seek common development. Zhu Jianmei, the vice president of the school, and related personnel from the Joint Liaison Office, the Scientific Research Institute, the Industrial Office, and the Industrial Group participated in the Chengdu trip of alumni entrepreneurs.


Zhangzhou female entrepreneurs live broadcast”endorsements” for hometown goods

Provincial Women Entrepreneurs Association Party Branch Secretary Liu Jinghua, Zhangzhou Women’s Federation Party Secretary and Chairman Huang Shuhong, Party Member and Vice Chairman Chen Yinhua, Zhangzhou Women Entrepreneurs Association Chairman Teng Xiulan and Zhangzhou women entrepreneurs walked into the live broadcast room to promote Zhangzhou Goods, call for Zhangzhou female entrepreneur brand.


Congratulations to Nan’an Chen Jincong, who won the title of the 18th Fujian Province Outstanding Entrepreneur

On September 29, the”18th Fujian Outstanding Entrepreneur” Commendation Conference was held in Fujian Hall. Among them, 22 Quanzhou entrepreneurs were selected, and Chen Jincong, chairman of the Fujian Emergency Equipment Chamber of Commerce and president of Minxiao Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd., was awarded the title of”Fujian Province’s Eighteenth Outstanding Entrepreneur”.