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National Health Commission: Spring Festival transportation is about to begin, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim

Beijing, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) on January 15, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference. Mi Feng, spokesman of the National Health Commission and deputy director of the publicity department, said that at present, China is facing the dual challenges of the import of delta and Omicron strains. The Spring Festival transportation is about to begin, the flow and gathering of people have increased significantly, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim.


Huaxian County, Henan Province: the county’s control measures were upgraded and closed management was temporarily implemented

Beijing, January, 12, according to the official micro-blog news of the Information Office of the Huaxian people’s Government of Henan Province, on the 12 day, the infectious disease prevention and control headquarters of micro-blog infected by New Coronavirus released the circular on further escalating epidemic control measures, the circular said that from January 12, 2022 onwards, the county’s management and control measures were upgraded and closed management was implemented temporarily.


The newly added diagnosis in Xi’an fell for four consecutive days, and the form of prevention and control in Henan and Tianjin was severe

Beijing, January 9 (Peng Ningling) recently, the epidemic situation in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, which has attracted much attention, has shown a dynamic downward trend recently, and the newly confirmed cases in Xi’an have decreased for 4 consecutive days. However, in Henan, Tianjin and other places, the form of epidemic prevention and control is still severe.


National Health Commission: for the people who need medical treatment, they shall not prevaricate or refuse to see a doctor

Beijing, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference on the situation related to epidemic prevention and control and ensuring supply and price stability during the festival on the 8th. Guo Yanhong, supervisor of the medical administration and medical administration of the National Health Commission, pointed out that people with medical needs, especially those in urgent and critical cases, should be treated in time and should not prevaricate or refuse to be diagnosed.


Xinman comment: in this regard, still advocating “the first place in the fight against epidemic disease”?

According to the data updated by Johns Hopkins University on the 4th, the number of new confirmed cases in the United States exceeded 1 million on the 3rd, once again breaking the record of new cases in a single day since the outbreak of the epidemic. At present, more than 100000 people are hospitalized due to Xinguan, which is also a new high in recent four months. The CDC has raised the risk of epidemic infection in all regions of the United States to the highest red level; In Virginia, Maryland and other places, there are problems such as insufficient supply of new crown testing and lagging testing results.


The new epidemic situation in Henan exceeds that in Shaanxi in a single day, involving 6 cities in the province

Beijing, Jan. 6 (Xinhua) on Jan. 5, 64 Local confirmed cases were added in Henan. Nationwide, the number of new cases in Henan has exceeded that in Shaanxi. At present, six prefectures and cities have been involved in the epidemic areas in Henan Province. Among them, Xuchang epidemic, with the rapid growth of the number of confirmed cases, has attracted public attention.


14. The Department requires to do a good job in Spring Festival transportation: prevent “one size fits all” and “layer by layer overweight”

Beijing, Jan. 6 (Xinhua) according to the website of the national development and Reform Commission, recently, 14 departments jointly issued the opinions on doing a good job in the spring transportation in 2022. The opinions pointed out that in terms of strengthening safe and orderly flow, we should resolutely prevent “one size fits all” and “layers of overweight”; Implement the national “one code pass” for health codes, and encourage all regions to promote the automatic verification of health codes by swiping ID cards.