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Three years stolen by the epidemic

It has been three years since the outbreak of the epidemic in 19. I saw a sentence that day, saying,”we are eager to get back on track, as eager and difficult as we are eager for the complete end of the epidemic.” In the past three years under the epidemic, the world has been like three centuries of robbery.


Covid-19 was found in 21 counties of 9 cities in Gansu Province, and the infected strain was Omicron variant ba two point three eight

News from the press conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19 of Gansu Provincial Information Office:since a positive infection was found in the routine nucleic acid test of key populations in Qilihe district, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province on July 8, 21 counties and cities in 9 cities and prefectures, including Lanzhou, Baiyin, Zhangye, Dingxi, Tianshui, Longnan, Gannan, Jiuquan and Linxia, have successively found confirmed cases of COVID-19 and asymptomatic infections.


Early morning notification! All residential areas in Lanzhou are under closed management. There is no need to enter or leave Lanzhou. All these places will be closed

According to the news released in Lanzhou in the early morning of July 13, in view of the severe and complex situation of the current epidemic, Lanzhou requires the implementation of weekend flexible working mode in Lanzhou party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, etc., to maintain normal operation.


On June 12, the epidemic in Beijing involved a high risk of bar transmission

An epidemic involving bars was found in Beijing, involving a wide range of people, complex personnel, and high transmission risk. There is still a hidden transmission risk in the society. Beijing yesterday added 31 asymptomatic infections among 34 newly diagnosed cases in the mainland, involving many districts such as Chaoyang District and Haidian District, which are related to supermarkets and bars.


Looking at the picture and learning | people first and life first general secretary commands the “epidemic” of China’s War

Putting people first and life first has always been the top priority and fundamental principle of epidemic prevention and control in China. This is the best interpretation of the Communist Party of China’s concept of governing for the people and the best embodiment of the moral concept that human life is vital to Chinese civilization. Study together!


It does not affect credit investigation! Several banks have launched credit card deferred repayment services

Due to the epidemic, some people fell into a debt crisis, and the topic of”I hope the bank can delay the repayment of the loan” has also been hot searched on microblog. On the 11th, the reporter found that recently, many banks such as Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of communications and Guangdong Development Bank announced that qualified cardholders can apply for credit card deferred repayment, which will not affect the credit investigation.


Henan added”22 + 67″ locally yesterday; Zhengzhou adjusted the epidemic prevention and control measures; Many cities issued emergency notices

From 0:00 to 24:00 on May 10, there were 22 newly confirmed cases in Henan Province, including 1 case from asymptomatic infection to confirmed case; Since the announcement of No. 73 issued by the Xinguan pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters office in Zhengzhou, with the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government and the joint efforts of the people of the whole city, the epidemic prevention and control work has achieved phased important results.