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Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Borelli, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy

Wang Yi said that the epidemic is still spreading around the world and the international situation is evolving rapidly. As the two stabilizing forces in the process of multipolarization, the more complex the situation, the more it is necessary to maintain objectiveness and rationality, strengthen communication and dialogue, continuously increase mutual trust, and eliminate all kinds of things. interference.


“Leave Asia into Europe”? Claiming that RCEP is”not in its own interest”, India invests in Europe to sign a free trade agreement

According to Russian media reports, on November 18, local time, Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar stated that India was ready to sign a”fair and balanced” free trade agreement with the European Union and declared that 15 countries including China had signed the”Regional Comprehensive Economic The Partnership Agreement “is not in India’s interest”.


Recognize reality! Macron wants to give the EU the autonomy of defense

According to Canadian media reports, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with a French media:“The EU must work hard to develop autonomy in technology, international finance, and defense. Only when we are serious and in defense When we have sovereignty, the United States will respect us as allies.”


The European Union hit the United States a big stick! Implemented retaliatory measures and issued a 26.5 billion fine

Reuters reported on the 11th that the EU Trade Minister held a video conference. The European Commission’s Executive Vice President and EU Trade Commissioner East Brovskis subsequently announced that starting from the 10th of this month, punitive measures will be imposed on 4 billion U.S. goods. As a retaliatory measure to subsidize Boeing by the United States.


Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki:Poland opposes the EU’s linking the budget to the rule of law

△Data map, source from the website of the Polish Prime Minister’s Office. On November 12, local time, Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki stated that Poland cannot accept a mechanism that links the EU budget to the rule of law. In the evening, Morawiecki said on social media that he had recently submitted letters to the European Council President Michel, European Commission President Von der Lein, and German Chancellor Merkel regarding the mechanism for linking the EU budget with the rule of law.