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The drought in Europe in the past two decades has been worse than in the past two thousand years

The British”Nature Earth Science” magazine recently published a climatological survey study online. Scientists at the University of Cambridge in the UK reconstructed the drought events in Europe in the past 2000 years. The results showed that the drought in Europe in the past 20 years was more man-made than in the past 2110 years. The dry period caused by climate change has become more severe. A prolonged drought will have a huge impact on the environment and society.


European Center for Disease Control and Prevention: The possibility of the new crown variant strain spreading in European communities is “very high”

China News Agency, Berlin, January 21 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The latest risk assessment report released by the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) on the 21st pointed out that the three new coronavirus variants that are currently under special attention have been spread due to their increased infectivity. The possibility of entering the European Union and European Economic Area countries and generating community transmission is “very high”.


After 40 countries, just now China announced that it would”cut off voyages”, and Britain became an island in the world.

On December 19, British Prime Minister Johnson stated that the spread of the virus after mutation is 70%higher than that of existing virus strains. From December 20th, London, the southeast and east of England will be upgraded from the current three-level prevention and control level to the fourth level for two weeks. In November this year, England will begin to implement large-scale”foot-free” measures, and Scotland will start on the 26th. Strict four-level restrictions; Northern Ireland may become a restricted area.


Europe finally discovered that the US sanctions against China are actually directed at us

Source:Global Times data map Source:Associated Press European technology company executives and diplomats accused the United States of using (China) sanctions to exclude them from the Chinese market, while providing exemptions for American companies. In the past two years, the United States has imposed aggressive sanctions on Chinese companies, which prevented them from purchasing most American-made technologies. But a European corporate executive said that the sanctions created a”America first” trade policy.


Another way? A train full of mysterious materials rushed to Xi’an, and the White House was too late to wake up

Written by:Daydreamer According to Russian media reports, a Turkish train carrying mysterious materials has arrived at Erzurum Railway Station in eastern Turkey after four days. It is reported that this train will reach Xi’an, China in eight days. This is a train across the Eurasian continent, ending in Xi’an. As for what items were transported on the vehicle, the media did not disclose it.


European leaders’ influence rankings released, German Chancellor Merkel is called “the cornerstone”

Chinanews, December 8th. According to Euronet, citing EUN News Agency, on December 7, local time, Politico Europe released the ranking of Europe’s most influential leaders in 2021. German Chancellor Angela Merkel Known as the “cornerstone” of Europe; Italian Prime Minister Conte was rated as the most trustworthy and hard-working national leader in Europe and the most stable leader in modern Italian history.


Macron mentions the European security autonomy, the German Defense Minister refutes

Source:Global Times [Global Times reporter Aoki]”Without the United States, (Germany and Europe) cannot protect themselves!” According to a report by German TV One on the 18th, German Defense Minister Kramp-Karenbauer delivered a speech on Tuesday, rebutting French President Macron’s view that “Europe needs an independent and sovereign defense strategy” used data to support his views.