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9 Chinese citizens died and more than 20 injured, Pakistan said the shuttle bus exploded due to malfunction, dispatched military aircraft to transport the wounded

   China News Service, July 14th. On the 14th local time, a bus exploded in northern Pakistan, killing 13 people, including 9 Chinese citizens, and injuring many others. After the incident, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan confirmed that the attendance bus for the Dasu Hydropower Project in Cape Province, which was undertaken by a Chinese company, suffered an explosion. The Chinese Embassy asked Pakistan to carry out rescue and treatment at all costs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan issued a statement on its website saying that the mechanical failure of the shuttle bus caused a gas leak and an explosion, and further investigations are underway.


The death toll from the Aden Airport explosion in Yemen rises to 26, more than 50 injured

   China News Service, December 31. According to a comprehensive report, on the 30th local time, a violent explosion occurred at the Aden International Airport in Yemen. When the explosion occurred, many government officials were at the airport to greet the new coalition government cabinet members who had returned from Saudi Arabia. Relevant personnel revealed that at present, the explosion has caused 26 deaths and at least 50 injured. According to news, government members have been safely transferred and no government minister was injured.


There was an explosion from across the ocean, the international airport was directly paralyzed, and there was a wailing sound

According to a report from the World Wide Web, the United States across the ocean recently heard a huge explosion. It turned out that a large-scale RV explosion occurred in the urban area of ​​Nashville. The accident resulted in three injuries. The scene was even more wailing. Many buildings in China also suffered varying degrees of damage. In addition, the local international airport was directly paralyzed due to the network interruption caused by the explosion, and eventually all flights could only be temporarily grounded.


Bomb threats in many parts of the United States

Many places in the United States have faced bomb threats for days. The recent bombing in Tennessee has pinpointed the murderer, and the bomb threat to the Empire State Building in New York now seems to be a false alarm. Killer of the Tennessee Bombing According to foreign media reports, the US police confirmed on the 27th local time the identity of the murderer of the RV explosion that occurred in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, and announced that he had died at the scene.


U.S. explosion point close to telecommunications building:alarm system crashes 290 kilometers away

The explosion site was located near the telecommunications building on the morning of the 25th local time. A large explosion occurred in the center of Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, USA, causing many injuries. Due to the explosion of the RV, it happened to be parked outside the building of the telecommunications company AT&T. The accident also caused the local communication to be interrupted. The 911 alarm system 290 kilometers away was temporarily shut down. Even the nearby airport was affected and the departure flight was suspended.


Big explosion in Tennessee, U.S.:Airport disconnected, flights grounded, people cry on the spot

Source:Overseas Network Site Map (Source:Twitter) Overseas Network, December 26th. On the morning of the 25th local time, a large explosion occurred in the center of Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, USA, causing many injuries and damage to many buildings. The people were scared to cry. According to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), after an RV exploded at the site of the incident, the windows of a nearby building were shattered.