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Is Iran a series of”mysterious” explosion accidents, is it a cyber attack? Who did it?

But then, the Iranian side responded that there was no explosion, just a short-term power outage.”Currently it is widely speculated that these explosions were caused by cyberattacks. If this is the case, the explosion at the Parchin base is more like a replica of Operation Orchard, that is, by attacking the opponent’s air defense system through cyberattacks, and then attacked by fighters. .


Who is protecting us? Three times”Mars” hit the earth and they can’t kill humans. Is there an underground civilization?

In short, sometimes we don’t have to be pessimistic because we don’t have to worry about this kind of thing, and you don’t have to worry about this kind of thing. The meteorites fall for only about 5 seconds. Even if you observe outside the universe, there are many fish that are not in the net. of. Look at that moon, the craters above it are potholes. We should understand that there is something protecting us in this world.


In the early morning of the 10th, a series of explosions occurred in many cities in Tehran. Iran was attacked by Israeli troops?

According to the latest news from the Radio and Television Station of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a series of explosions suddenly occurred on the 10th local time on the outskirts of southwestern Iranian capital Tehran, the city of Garm Dareh and the”Holy City”. Iranian media pointed out that the preliminary investigation results of the explosions in the above-mentioned areas were determined not to be accidents, but a premeditated attack.


The third possibility of human destruction, recent events

In fact, there are at least a dozen possibilities for human destruction. Well, since this celestial body is only six hundred light-years away from us, if it explodes, we can see that the brightness of the supernova explosion is brighter than that of the entire galaxy, that is, when it exploded, it was brighter than the entire galaxy. So we will have a small sun in the sky at that time. It feels that the brightness cannot reach the brightness of our sun, but it is much brighter than the moon.


Blasted again! Selling 8 billion, this new fund sold out in one day! There are even more funds starting to attract 5 billion yuan for the second time, but there is a new change

Among them, the scale of Hongde Ruixing managed by Wang Keyu exceeded 8 billion yuan, the second initial fundraising scale of Qianhai Open Source Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Advantage Selection was about 5 billion. The scale is also over 3 billion yuan, and the issuance of new funds continues to set off an “explosive wave”.


Scientists overthrow the Big Bang is the starting point of time, the universe may have been going through the cycle of life and death

Two physicists, Paul Steingard of Princeton University in the United States and Neil Turck of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, jointly proposed a theory in 2011 that the Big Bang occurred more than once, and the universe has been experiencing”life and death” The process of”reincarnation”, and what people think of the Big Bang 14 billion years ago is not the absolute starting point of the birth of the universe, it is just a new birth of the universe.


Is Iran eyeed again? Many bizarre incidents happened one after another.

According to British media reports on July 5, Iran has recently had 6 bizarre explosions and fire accidents. Although these incidents seem to be unrelated on the surface, many people think that things are not so simple. Only the hands behind the scenes are manipulating all this,”Iran has suffered some sort of attack.”