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An explosion in a shopping mall in the United States raised a mushroom cloud, and someone was instantly shocked to the wall

Source:Haiwai.com. The explosion site was in ruins, and the fire caused huge smoke. (Source:Associated Press) Overseas Network, October 19, according to US media reports, an explosion occurred in Harrisonburg, Virginia, on the 17th, causing a local shopping mall to be razed and many people injured. A resident said in an interview afterwards that he saw a”mushroom cloud” at the moment of the explosion and was shocked by a strong shock wave to the wall.


A gas explosion in a city center in Germany seriously injured a resident

On October 6, 2020, local time, Arzbach, Germany, rescuers were busy with rescue work after a gas explosion occurred in a residential building in the center of the city. According to preliminary investigations, the cause of the accident was that several gas cylinders exploded in the house, which caused a resident to be seriously injured.


The Big Bang is the starting point. What is the state before the starting point?

Your question just asked about the”dead hole” of the Big Bang universe theory. The Big Bang universe theory has a shortcoming, that is, it cannot explain what happened before the Big Bang. The beginning of the Big Bang is regarded as the absolute”zero hour”. The state is also very strange. Physical quantities such as pressure, energy density, and temperature are all infinite, and the curvature of space-time is also infinite. Because of this infinity, physical theories are untenable at this time, and no physical theory can explain it. So it is the”singularity” that makes physics a headache. In order to solve this”singularity”, physicists have spent a lot of effort, but still did not find a solution.