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this cheers the people greatly! The leader of extremist organizations in Ukraine was killed by the Russian army and ordered the shelling of Donbas

According to relevant reports, Russian special forces killed Talas bobanic, the leader of the extremist organization”right zone” near Kharkov, Ukraine. The Russian military did not describe the killing process in detail, but stressed that the Russian military would focus on eliminating the leaders of those extreme right-wing organizations.


News 1 + 1 – from Henan to Shanxi, will extreme weather become more and more common in the future? Here comes the expert interpretation

In October, abnormal heavy rainfall affected 1.7571 million people in 76 counties (cities and districts) in 11 cities of Shanxi Province, and 120100 people were urgently relocated. Located at the eastern end of the Loess Plateau, why did Shanxi suffer such extreme weather in the past? In the future, how can we do a good job in disaster prevention and reduction? News 1 + 1 tonight connects with Liu Hong, executive vice minister of the Organization Department of Xinjiang county Party committee, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province; Yin Jie, urban public security research center, School of Geographical Sciences, East China Normal University, common concern: heavy rainfall in Shanxi in October.