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The pants that are popular this winter are prepared for thick legs

When it comes to looking thin, you must have wide-leg pants, but I am really annoyed to wear it every year and all the year round. No, no, no, it is made of velvet, but it has a unique luster, and there will be a silvery light in the bright place. I put on my body every day recently. Let’s take a look at the trousers of the gods and horses. I love them so much!


The temperature difference between north and south is huge! How to wear super cost-effective French style? This can be done for you with one click

According to the calculation of the twenty-four solar terms, it coincides with the time when late autumn is approaching early winter. However, the temperature difference between the north and the south is really too large. Therefore, the focus of creating a French style look is different. How to use the basic items Create a cost-effective French look that is worn from south to north and then worn again?


These behaviors of girls are particularly depreciated in the eyes of boys

A few days ago, the friends in the studio had been talking about buying a bunch of clothes while doing activities recently, so they were waiting for it to arrive with joy every day. After finally waiting for the courier to cross the ocean to come to her, I can’t wait to take a look at her upper body, it seems something is wrong, and it looks very different from the seller’s show, it looks very cheap, crumpled, and there are threads everywhere.


Zhu Yin’s figure is really good, such a pure skirt, but let her wear a sense of charm

Zhu Yin’s figure is really good, such a pure skirt, but let her wear a sense of charm. Zhu Yin’s suit is very feminine, charming and sexy. The white dress is very girly and very beautiful. The overall tone is biased towards low color, so the temperament is very pure, there is a feeling of first love, and the practice of showing half shoulders is also special. There is a personality, and the hollow pattern on the skirt is also very beautiful. Although the necklace on the chest is not very obvious, this faint feeling is also very beautiful.