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Guangdong Public Security “Hurricane 2021” arrested more than 3,000 suspects

China News Service, Guangzhou, March 31 (Fang Weibin, Wang Wei, Zhang Jun) A reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department on the 31st that the provincial police launched the “Hurricane 2021” special operation. From January to March, Guangdong organized a “hurricane” cluster. In 20 battles, more than 3,000 criminal suspects were arrested, a number of criminal cases of various types were cracked, and the special crackdown was a good start.


Involved in the case valued at more than 20 million yuan, Xinjiang police destroy a gang that produces and sells fake alcohol

China News Service, Urumqi, December 17 (Zhou Zhanghui and Shan Yunxia) A reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Xinjiang Hebuksail Mongolian Autonomous County on the 17th that the bureau lasted half a year to destroy a gang producing and selling fake liquor, and the value of the case involved reached more than 20 million yuan. The case of producing and selling fake liquor was successfully solved, and six criminal suspects have been taken criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law.