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Too much! The Asian Cup has just been knocked out. As soon as Du Feng decides to provoke controversy again, it’s time for Yao Ming to take action

It is undeniable that the fans cannot understand that the Chinese men’s basketball team lost to the Lebanese men’s basketball team in the quarter finals and stopped in the top eight. In addition, when facing the Lebanese men’s basketball team, which is not a strong Asian team, the Chinese men’s basketball team showed an obvious gap on the outside line.


23 midnight! The Chinese men’s basketball team fell into controversy again, and the fans roast:what a joke

At 23:00 p.m. on July 20, Beijing time, in response to the Chinese men’s basketball team’s defeat in the Asian Cup, coach Dufeng talked about his views in an interview with the media. He said that the biggest responsibility for the team’s failure to win the top four was our coach, which had little to do with the players, and such a statement also attracted many fans’ discussion.


The Chinese women’s volleyball team returned with a big defeat! Cai bin was roast, and the fans expected Lang Ping to return

The Chinese women’s volleyball team just lost to the Italian team. This time, Cai Bin’s tactical arrangement was completely criticized by the fans. Now the fans have also pointed out two major problems. First, the first one is the disadvantage. Cai bin has always put Wang yunyun in important position in this game, and Wang yunyun almost became a vegetable when defending his opponent’s powerful serve and spike.


Henan made the right bet this time. The age of the players is not a problem. The key is the attitude of watching the game

One goal and one assist is the data of Adrian, the team’s substitute for the king of aviation and sports, in the game with Taishan, Shandong. Although he was not rated as the best player in this round, his performance has been almost perfect, which once dispelled some fans’ doubts about the substitute of Ivo. This is the performance of the senior driver of China Super League.


be dedicated! Ronaldo has just returned to work at Manchester United after the loss of his son. His face is haggard and his eyes are red and swollen, which is distressing

Speaking of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, I believe many fans are not strangers. They are the idols of hundreds of millions of fans. Friends who often watch the ball know that Ronaldo and Messi are really two different styles of players. Ronaldo is tall, tall and stylish. He really has appearance and figure. He is the main striker on the court, which can be said to have unlimited scenery. On the contrary, Messi’s height and appearance are not as outstanding as Ronaldo. Messi’s main winger on the court is also very threatening.