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Thousands of Australian football fans need to self-isolate

China News Service, May 26. According to “Central News Agency”, a fan who had watched a match in Melbourne, Australia, was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. Thousands of fans present at that time have been told to self-isolate and accept the new crown virus. Detection. Currently, Melbourne is struggling to avoid falling into the fate of another lockdown.


Quick comment:Chinese football is like a cancer patient? We lack not only the stars, but also the”big mouth” Han Qiaosheng who dare to speak the truth

2021 is a very important year for Chinese football. The Chinese men’s national team will compete in the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers, and strive to qualify from the top 40 to the top 12. Due to the introduction of non-blood naturalization for the first time in history, many naive fans are still fantasizing:The Chinese national team may be able to create miracles in exchange for Elkeson, Fernando and other”mercenaries” who have joined Chinese nationality. ?


CUBA grassroots competition data released:11″double” champions in the same city derby most popular

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 15th. The Organizing Committee of the Chinese University Basketball League (CUBA) announced on the 15th the data of the grassroots competition. It lasted 3 months. The CUBA grassroots competition this season has recently concluded with more than 2000 teams from more than 1,300 universities. The teams competed for advancement to the regional competitions in 32 divisions, and a total of 11 colleges and universities won the men’s and women’s basketball championships in their divisions.


“Five Crowns” Bayern Arrives in Banyan Cup with Chinese Football Fans Meeting

Covered in the topic just past 2020, the world football has experienced too many changes and uncertainties, and Bayern has become the biggest winner in football, winning the Bundesliga, German Cup, Champions League, European Super Cup and German Super Cup. In his arms, Polish striker Lewandero defeated Melo and crowned the new World Footballer.


Henan fans refuse to accept the dictatorship, can the Chinese Football Association accept it this time? Jianye fan organization called for boycotting the mediocre measures of the Chinese Football Association, N*24-hour stick to Henan Jianye

Today, Henan Jianye’s name change to Luoyang Longmen continues to ferment, and Jianye fans have adopted various forms to resist the name change. From gathering at home, to burning jerseys to kneeling in front of the club, their actions to defend”Jianye” are escalating. On the evening of January 2, the Jianye Red Devils Fan Club, an organization of Jianye fans, issued an action announcement on Weibo, calling on fans to”resist the mediocre measures of the Chinese Football Association and stick to Henan Jianye for N*24 hours.”


Can not accept! Jianye fans are dissatisfied with the club’s name change

Tiger Fighting News on January 1st Since the Henan Jianye Club announced yesterday that it plans to change its name to”Luoyang Longmen”, many Jianye fans have expressed their unacceptability. The name change of Jianye caused dissatisfaction among many fans. A fan meeting of the club, the”North Stand Youth League”, announced its official disbandment. Later, Jianye fans posted pictures of their burning jerseys on Weibo.


Jianye fans display banners at the club’s entrance:You are traitors of Henan football

Live Broadcast News, January 1 Yesterday, Henan Jianye officially issued an announcement announcing that the club plans to change its name to”Luoyang Dragon Gate”. Fans expressed strong dissatisfaction with this. According to reports from the Northwest.com stand, a group of Henan Jianye fans came to the club’s gate to put a banner today:”Shame! You are traitors of Henan football! You have plundered the dreams and beliefs that you have held for 18 years!


Henan Jianye changed its name to Luoyang Longmen? Latest news:The name change has variables

As the 2021 New Year’s bell strikes, the news that Henan Jianye Club plans to change its name to”Luoyang Longmen” has made all Henan fans awake at night. On social platforms, the fans’ complaints have been louder and louder. Karma is on the cusp. In an interview with a reporter from Top News Dahe News, Jianye Club stated that the new name is still under the review stage of the Chinese Football Association and may be revised based on the opinions of fans.