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Please call me by the name”Beijing Guoan”

Recently, Guoan fans have spontaneously altered the paint, and changed the body drawing of a bus to”Our name is Beijing Guoan!” to express their position. Zhao Yu, a football commentator at the Voice of Beijing Sports Broadcasting Double Olympics, is understood to be the fans who raised funds spontaneously to buy this ad space to express their demands reasonably. According to previous knowledge, Guoan will insist on reporting to the Football Association under the name”Beijing Guoan” on the neutralization change.


The Chinese Football Association issued a”renaming order” for fans to start thinking:Henan can be called the”Shaolin Team”

[Overseas News.com] Two days ago, the Chinese Football Association issued a”name change order”, and a Chinese Super League club publicly solicited new names. Fans suggested that Henan Jianye could be changed to”Henan Shaolin Team” and Beijing Guoan used”Jingpian”. The pronunciation was changed to”Beijing View Team” and Shandong Luneng was changed to”Shandong Tsingtao Beer Team”… The fans’ brains are open and all kinds of whimsical ideas are fascinating.


After the Football Association’s”Name Change Order” was issued, the fans’ brains opened up:Henan Shaolin Team, Beijing Guan Team…

Two days ago, the Chinese Football Association officially announced the new policy of neutralization of the club name at the special governance meeting of the professional league. According to the provisions of the New Deal, most of the Super League teams need to rename. The eighth champion of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou Evergrande, is about to change its name.


Why does China Super League’s mandatory club name change cause controversy?

“Guoan Guoan, Beijing Guoan” may become a swan song-why the Chinese Super League’s mandatory club name change caused controversy. The third-level league investor meeting scheduled to be held in Guangzhou on December 8 was postponed for some reason, but the Chinese Football Association will push it in the new season The two new policies will not be disturbed-the professional league”salary limit” and the professional club name”de-corporate and enable neutral names” will be implemented in the new season of 2021, which is the new season of 2021


Unhappy after losing? Ding Junhui hints at withdrawing from the Masters:for money regardless of safety

In the second round of the British Championships, defending champion Ding Junhui was reversed 5-6 by David Grace, ranked 65th in the world, and broke the biggest upset since the start of the game. After the game, Ding Junhui attributed his loss to his lack of accustomedness to the new table, and once again emphasized that if 1,000 fans are admitted to the Masters in January next year, he will consider withdrawing from the game.”This is the reason for the money. They did not put safety. In the first place.


Maradona’s”Chinese Love”

In the early morning of November 26, Beijing time, a generation of superstar and legendary Argentine star Diego Maradona died of a heart attack at home at the age of 60. He has visited China several times to show the charm of football to Chinese fans.