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Di Ali Reba is too thin, and uses hand-held pants all the way to the airport, thanks to the good waist-to-hip ratio

Di Lieba was too thin and used hand-held pants all the way to the airport, thanks to the good waist-to-hip ratio. As a symbol of Xinjiang beauty, Di Lieba’s overall image quality is really good, especially the enviable slim figure, which is obviously very skinny, but because the waist-to-hip ratio is too perfect, the thin curve can also have a certain degree. The concave-convex arc and the overall S-shaped effect is still outstanding. It can easily control different clothes. However, when he recently appeared in the airport, Di Ali Reba’s private clothes are mainly comfortable and age-reducing styles, and the self-cultivation knitting that is indispensable in autumn , With the pleated drawstring on the chest, it naturally creates a sense of full curve, and the high-waisted wide-leg pants matched with the lower body, the perfect combination of upper tight and lower width, easy to create a tall and thin wearing effect, don’t look This outfit uses some basic items, but through the overall vibrant orange and white color scheme, it still exudes a nice girly feeling, with the drawstring and cut processing, it has a special charm.


Guangzhou International Fashion Industry Conference opens on Friday

Guangzhou is building a fashion capital. The Canton Fair Fashion Week in October this year will help companies better connect with the market through online and offline integration. The conference is led by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Guangzhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade, under the guidance of China National Textile and Apparel Council, China National Garment Association and other related organizations. It aims to promote Guangzhou to accelerate the realization of the new vitality of the old city, and to show the international and fashionable city image of Guangzhou’s millennium business capital , To promote the development of the fashion industry and help Guangzhou build an international consumption center city.


Li Yitong is too good at wearing it, passers-by are also dressed so recognizable, good figure is willful

Guide:Li Yitong is too good at wearing it. Passersby can wear it so recognizable. Good figure is willful. Friends who clicked on this article, they must all have very good looks. Oh, the editor will bring you different fashion information every day. If you have any comments on the editor’s articles or other things, please feel free to comment below. The editor will read each article carefully.


The charming neighbor’s sister-in-law is fashionable and sexy pink tight-fitting sportswear, and she can meet her every morning jog

For girls who love sports, the shape of the body must be maintained better. Slim and slender bodies are generally girls who love sports, especially women after we are married. If you want to have a good and charming body, then take action. Maintaining a healthy body requires us to continuously strengthen exercise. Perseverance is the key. In exercise, how do our beautiful ladies choose to wear?