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What Biden was worried about happened! Fauci started to evasive, the Americans may be really helpless

According to overseas reports, in the eyes of Americans, the federal government and Trump have become synonymous with”ineffective epidemic prevention”. On the contrary, Professor Fauci, who was once frantically suppressed by Trump, has become” It exists as an authority on epidemic prevention. Now as long as a newspaper interviews Fauci, people will snap up the newspaper, hoping to learn new news about the US epidemic as soon as possible.


Fauci saw the wind turn the rudder, the U.S. medical system was paralyzed, and the nurse:We set up a death ward specifically

According to a report from the New York Post on the 17th of this month, the epidemic situation in the United States has continued to worsen in the past few days. The cumulative number of confirmed cases has exceeded 11 million. Hospitals in many places are overcrowded and have reached the maximum capacity that can be carried, especially for some severe cases. Regions, the medical system has been completely paralyzed. A nurse revealed the true situation of her hospital.


Fauci:If the Biden team starts to transfer power, the epidemic prevention work will do better

Beijing News Express According to CNN, the White House has not negotiated with the”President-elect” Biden team since the US presidential election day. On November 15, local time, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, stated that if the White House allows the”President-elect” Biden team to begin the transfer of power, the U.S. epidemic response will be better. .


Trump hinted at firing Fauci, and Biden responded:Exactly! I will hire Fauci when I take office

I will hire Fauci when I take office. But recently, Trump publicly hinted that Fauci will be fired after the US presidential election is over! As we all know, Trump said from the beginning that there is no epidemic, that the epidemic is not contagious, and that there is no need to wear a mask, etc. However, Fauci experts have always It is”against” Trump, so this sentence came out of Trump’s mouth, and there was a trace of”acceptance.”