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“618” trilogy: the person who decides the scroll → the person who pays the last money → the person who eats the native

Chinanews.com client, Beijing, June 2 (Reporter Wu Tao) The “618” big promotion came. I thought I would pay the deposit safely, and then my favorite “baby” could be bought back. As everyone knows, the deposit is now rolled up. Hands are fast, but hands are slow! To become a “fixed person” overnight, you have to beware of all kinds of “routines.”


Three questions about”Double 11″, is it”gold” or”pit”?

It is another year of”Double 11″. Starting from October 21st, some e-commerce platforms have started pre-sales, and this nationwide shopping spree is earlier than in previous years. Against the background of the new crown epidemic, in the wave of technological progress, what new patterns and new trends will this year’s”Double 11″ present? Consumers are faced with”Double 11″ with”similar flowers every year”, will they have new confusion and new slots?


Must the”discount question” of Double 11 be so difficult?

Double 11 this year has once again become a carnival where consumers, e-commerce giants, brands, and physical stores actively participate. It is worth noting that people should beware of the tricks of many merchants and platforms that”stray flowers and become attractive.” (See the”Beijing Daily” on November 2) After the”Chop Hand Party”, the”final money person” became popular.


“Double Eleven” avoiding pit dry goods:pre-sale mode hides tricks, prepaid deposit should be cautious

CCTV News, Beijing, November 3 According to a report by the Voice of Economy of China Central Radio and Television”Tian Tian 315″, this year’s”Double Eleven” comes a bit earlier than before. What’s more interesting is that the slogan is from”Singles Day”. Become a”nunchaku”. On October 20, Tmall’s”Double Eleven” officially opened, and the pre-sale was launched on October 21.