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Flight Pelosi is missing in disguise and playing hide and seek

83 in the United States. A mission a day, keep the doctors away~ the U.S. military has two detachments responsible for the travel of senior U.S. officials. One is the first squadron of the 89 air transport wing of the U.S. air force, which is mainly responsible for senior government officials, and the 201 squadron of the 113 regiment is responsible for congressmen and senior parliamentary officials.


It’s hard to return home! Netizens cried:the ticket to return home, which cost 90000 yuan, was ruthlessly”kicked” by United Airlines

This may day is a holiday that coincides with the holidays in China and many countries. Those unfamiliar and familiar airports have almost burst in the past two days. Now that many countries have announced the lifting of movement restrictions, people do not need to wear masks when shopping on the street, nor do they need to wear protective clothing when flying, and the entry-exit inspection has become simpler and more convenient.


China announced that some domestic flight plans were adjusted due to abnormal nucleic acid detection of employees at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport issued a notice on the 28th that on the evening of April 27, the airport found abnormal nucleic acid detection in the routine nucleic acid detection of employees, and the airport took measures to effectively control it. Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, Baiyun Airport immediately adjusted some domestic passenger flight plans, and initially arranged some domestic flights after 12 o’clock on the 28th.