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How is the progress of the Asian Cup Chongqing Football Stadium? The main underground structure is completed by the end of the month! Built in 2 years

Source:Upstream News-Chongqing Morning News”One city is unique and lively, two rivers compete with each other to conceive Bashu; the mountain city is full of lights, spring breeze from all directions…” On the afternoon of December 12, the theme was”Military soul ingenuity, dream southwest” The Fifth Corporate Culture Festival of Southwest Company of China Construction Eighth Bureau was held in Chongqing Longxing Professional Football Stadium Project.


Features of the mountain city, really magical! Chongqing’s 20,000 square air football stadium became popular

Live broadcast, December 10th. Recently, the 20,000-square-meter aerial football field built in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing has aroused public discussion and became popular on the Internet. The stadium looks very magical. The aerial football field has 7 standard five-a-side stadiums and 3 eight-a-side football fields. In order to improve safety, there is a certain height of barbed wire around the football field, so there is no danger of football flying off the roof.


The first FIFA standard public football field in Shapingba District will be put into use in January next year. See where it is?

On November 16, at the construction site of the Jialing Football Stadium in Shuangbei Street, workers used a flat vibrator to construct a water-stabilized layer. According to the Shapingba District Sports Bureau, the project has a total investment of 5.5326 million yuan. The project officially started in October this year and is currently undergoing flat-field construction.


perfect! Evergrande presents 100,000 new home courts 5-0

Today, the Evergrande professional football stadium released a lighting effect film. The team went all out in the first round of the second stage of the Chinese Super League in the evening, and finally defeated Hebei China Fortune 5-0, with a perfect victory for Evergrande professional football Field gift.


Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium on CCTV

Recently, CCTV’s”Football Night” column focused on 10 professional football stadiums for the 2023 Asian Cup. As one of the host locations, Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium is among them.


Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium completed the core floor pouring

A few days ago, Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium completed the pouring of the core floor. Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium is adjacent to Guangzhou South Railway Station and is scheduled to be completed and put into use in 2022. ↑This is the construction site of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium taken on September 5.


Jianye will have a world-class exclusive football stadium, Hu Baosen:Construction of the new aircraft body will start next year as soon as possible

In the long run, the construction of professional football stadiums is definitely the general trend. At present, many Chinese Super League teams have plans to build football stadiums. In addition to Jianye, Evergrande, Dalian, Shenzhen, etc. are also planning to build professional football stadiums. SIPG can move into Pudong’s new home in the 2021 season. This will be a modern professional football stadium that can accommodate 35,000 people.