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National Games four consecutive victories and promotion + 10 people selected for U18 national football, Evergrande football school talents emerge

Guangdong team’s starting lineup against Hubei team. Photo courtesy of Evergrande Football School

China News Service, Beijing, May 31. The reporter learned from Evergrande Football School that in the cross-elimination round of the U18 National Games Men’s Football Qualifying Tournament held on the 31st, the Guangdong team formed with the Evergrande U18 echelon as the core eliminated Beijing 1:0. The team successfully advanced to the finals. On the same day, 10 people from Evergrande Football School were selected for the U18 National Men’s Football Team and participated in the U21 Youth League, becoming a large group of national youth talents of this age.


Evergrande Football School’s gold medal coach trains for Dafang County teenagers to encourage brave pursuit of dreams

Guilherme, director of South American Youth Training of Evergrande Football School, presented a signed football to the young player Cha Haotian. Photo courtesy of Evergrande Football School

China News Service, Beijing, May 12th. The reporter learned from the Evergrande Football School that Evergrande Football School and Bijie, Guizhou, jointly established the Bijie (Dafang) Football Youth Training Center on the 11th, officially launching the East-West cooperation “Guangqian Tongxin” primary and secondary school football support The plan is to put in “football wings” for the children in the depths of the mountains to change their destiny and create a colorful life.


The world power of Chinese football: World champion coaches join Evergrande Youth Training

China News Service, Qingyuan, Guangdong, April 22 (Hao Lingyu) On the afternoon of the 22nd, the Evergrande Football School in Qingyuan, Guangdong held a press conference for the appointment of the world champion coach team. Guillerme, who has served as the head coach of Brazil’s U17 and U15 national teams for a long time Dara Dia and the FA coaching director John Peacock serve as the South American and European Youth Training Directors respectively.


Football godfather Gao Fengwen, the seeder of Chinese youth training, but his ideals are buried by money

On October 26, 1987, in the final match of the Asian qualifier for the Seoul Olympics, the Chinese team defeated the Japanese team in Tokyo with a 0-1 loss at home. In the end, the Chinese team withstood the pressure. No. 9 Liu Haiguang and 8 No. Tang Yaodong scored to help the team beat Japan 2-0. The Chinese team entered the Olympic Games. The head coach of this team is Gao Fengwen.


Evergrande echelon welcomes a bumper harvest in August, 10 age groups have champions

China News Service, Beijing, August 31. A reporter learned from the Evergrande Football School that in the Evergrande Cup U18 Champions League and Longjing Hailanjiang Cup that just ended in August, Evergrande’s echelons attacked on multiple lines. A total of 10 U9-U18 age groups all have champions in the account, which can be described as a”harvest season”.


Seven wins without conceding a goal, Luneng Football School U12 Red Team won the Junior Classic Championship

It is worth mentioning that the performance of the Luneng Football School U12 Red Team in this tournament is a dominant level. They defeated the Jiangxi, Guangzhou and Hunan teams in the group stage, and then even the Changsha, Changchun and Guizhou representatives in the knockout rounds. The team, in all seven games, the Luneng football school team won all seven games and scored 27 goals without conceding.