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Jing Shao joins hands with Urban Children’s League, Beijing to further consolidate the foundation of youth football

A group photo of guests, award-winning players, coaches, etc. Photo courtesy of Beijing Football Association

China News Service, Beijing, July 11th. On the afternoon of July 11, the closing ceremony of the “China Football Development Foundation Cup” China Urban Children’s League (hereinafter referred to as “Urban Children”) Beijing Division and the 2020-2021 Beijing Youth Football Club League (Hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Youth League”) The award ceremony was held at Fengtai Sports Center. Jin Zhiyang and other famous Chinese football players attended the scene.


Chinese football is currently at this level

The only college student in the village, Wu Lei made two consecutive penalties and scored them overnight, breaking the deadlock on the field. This is the result of experience in foreign leagues, but our other players who have played overseas have played in the Chinese Super League. After optimization, they were all rented or bought by domestic teams, and they all came back. There are two kinds of football in the world, one is called Chinese football, and the other is called world football.


The first Beijing Community Cup eight-a-side football match opens, 32 teams compete in the final stage

China News Service, Beijing, May 9th (Chen Hang) On the 9th, sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and the people’s governments of various districts, hosted by the Dongcheng District People’s Government and Beijing Sports Federation, Beijing Municipal Sports Federation Secretariat, Beijing Football Association , The opening ceremony of the first Beijing Community Cup Eight-a-side Football Tournament (hereinafter referred to as the “Community Cup”) co-organized by the District Sports Bureau was held in the Tiantan Sports Center.


Rong Zhixing sends the ball to the campus in Shanwei, teaches football culture by precept and deeds

China News Service, Shanwei, April 26 (Reporter Tang Guijiang) Rong Zhixing, the famous Chinese football legend and the founding president of the Guangdong Provincial Folk Football Promotion Association, brought the Guangdong Folk Football Promotion Association and the Daye Sports Team to South China Normal University in East Guangdong on the 26th Shanwei School, the affiliated middle school, held a charity event to donate Reike football equipment to primary and middle school students, and exchanged experiences in youth football growth and training with teachers and students in the school.


The opening of the Chinese Super League “Beyond-Love” special fund charity event held in Guangzhou

   China News Service, Guangzhou, April 20. On the 20th, the opening ceremony of the 2021 China Ping An Super League was held in Guangzhou. On the morning of the opening ceremony, the 2021 “Beyond·Love” special fund charity series activities entered the primary school affiliated to Guangzhou Haizhu Foreign Language Experimental Middle School. The Super League players guided the training of the young players of the school at close range and participated in the confrontation between the young players. game.


You can play at home! Shanghai 89-year-old “inventor grandpa” builds a football house

   China News Online, March 24th (Wang Wang and Xu Weichen) Recently, the topic of sports reform in the entrance examination for high school and college has once again aroused heated discussion. “Let children fall in love with sports, cultivate lifelong athletes, promote sports for all…” The society is paying more and more attention to sports, and there are more and more ways to do it. Recently in Shanghai, an 89-year-old “inventor grandpa” built a football house where he can play football at home.


Chen Xuyuan: Confident in qualifying for the top 40 of the National Football Team, responding to Suning TEDA’s withdrawal

   Chinanews Client, Beijing, March 20th (Reporter Wang Sishuo) As winter goes to spring, Chinese football is going through another slightly quiet offseason. The new season of the Chinese Super League is approaching, and the national team, which has been away from the international arena for a long time, is about to prepare for the four games after the top forty games. At this moment, people may have their own expectations and doubts in their hearts. On the evening of the 19th, Bai Yansong asked the Chinese Football Association Chairman Chen Xuyuan continuously on the live broadcast on behalf of the fans, and the latter’s response reflected the current appearance of Chinese football.