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Large-scale Late Cretaceous dinosaur footprints found in Fujian

Fuzhou, January 12 (Reporter Liu Xiaoyu) The reporter learned from a press conference held in Fujian Province on the 12th that a large-scale Late Cretaceous dinosaur footprint group was discovered in Longxiang Village, Chengnan Community, Lincheng Town, Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Province. It is understood that there are more than 240 tracks in this group of footprints 80 million years ago. This large deinonychus track was discovered for the first time in my country.


Footprint fossils from 120,000 years ago,

Recently, foreign archaeologists have discovered hundreds of footprint fossils from 120,000 years ago in Saudi Arabia. According to an article published in”Science Advances” magazine, this may be the earliest human trace in the area.


Chongqing Forest Park is now”chicken feet”, paleontologists rushed to investigate, its life experience is unusual

Dinosaurs appeared on the earth more than 200 million years ago, and ruled the earth’s biosphere for more than 100 million years later. In such a long period of time, dinosaurs left many traces on the earth, enabling modern Homo sapiens to discover and understand them based on these traces. Among them, the most common method for humans to study dinosaurs is to excavate dinosaur fossils and then conduct research on dinosaur fossils.


The guy who stepped on the foot of the trilobite 500 million years ago stumped scientists because of this foot

Many people think it’s impossible, but it’s just a speculation. So where did this speculation come from? In the 1960s, a geologist found a piece of 10, this There are 10 fossils of trilobites on them, and there is a very clear footprint on this bug. This footprint is not an ordinary human footprint, because this footprint looks like it was stepped on with a shoe and is very regular.