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The performance inventory of foreign aid in the first stage:the new face of CSL, stanqiu is the most eye-catching

This season, a total of 62 foreign aid have been registered by the 18 teams of the CSL, including 30 new foreign aid, with a total investment of more than 16million euros, and only 7 people have a transfer fee of more than 1million euros. The value of standard King stanqiu is the lowest record of the CSL in the past 10 years, and as many as 17 foreign aid are free or loaned free transfers.


“Golden Dollar Football” Ebb Trend Where will the high-paid foreign aid foreign teachers go under the Super League New Deal?

The upgraded version of the salary limit has led to the introduction of the New Deal, and the”Golden Dollar Football” of the Chinese Super League in the past 10 years has ebb. Under the New Deal, the Chinese Super League plans to”shuffle the cards”.”From today, my coaching staff and I will not continue to coach in Dalian People’s Professional Football Club.”


Exposure that the CBA foreign aid quarantine period has increased, and the team can only join the team after 28 days of quarantine

On January 7th, Beijing time, according to a report from Beijing Youth Daily reporter Song Xiang, the CBA League has issued a notice to each team that according to the current domestic epidemic, the isolation period for foreign aid entry will be increased, which is based on the original 14+7 basis. On the other hand, an additional 7 days a week will require a total of 4 weeks and 28 days of isolation.


General news:Jiangsu ends Liaoning winning streak

Xinhua News Agency, Zhuji, Zhejiang, December 31. On the 31st, the 25th round of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) played two games in the 2020-2021 season. Jiangsu defeated Liaoning 119:112, ending the latter’s seven-game winning streak. With the help of foreign aid Hudson, the Shandong team beat the Dragon and Lions 117:115 with difficult 3 points at the last minute.


Zhejiang vs. Qingdao, the two teams scored 101 free throws, 4 people and 6 fouls left the field

Live broadcast on December 29th. CBA regular season, Zhejiang beat Qingdao with 127-120. In this game, the two teams scored 101 free throws in total, of which Zhejiang made 49 free throws and 44 of them. Foreign aid Landsberg made 17 free throws. Qingdao made 34 of 52 free throws. Foreign aid Dakari Johnson made 13 of 22 free throws. In this campaign, a total of 4 players and 6 offenses from both sides – Zhu Xuhang, Liu Zeyi, Lai Junhao and Yang Jinmeng.