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The implementation of the new standard contract for migrant domestic workers in Lebanon is suspended

According to local media on the 30th, the Lebanese Administrative Court approved the suspension of the implementation of the new uniform standard contract for migrant domestic workers. Previously, the Ministry of Labor of Lebanon planned to issue this version of the standard contract on September 8 this year to protect the rights and interests of migrant domestic workers, but it was subsequently opposed by relevant Lebanese labor companies, who appealed to the administrative court and won the case.


These Chinese who have worked for the”America” ​​will be driven back to China

Relations between China and the United States have been extremely tense recently. The long-term unilateral provocations by the United States against China have led to a freezing point in the relations between the two countries. Recently there has been news that”Voice of America” ​​will no longer renew contracts with these foreign journalists, many of whom are Chinese. According to the Associated Press, US President Trump recently appointed new leaders to the”American International Media Agency”, which manages a number of U.S. government-run media. This has allowed many foreigners under the agency to have worked for VOA for many years. Reporters are in trouble. After the new leader of the”American International Media Agency” Mike Parker takes office, VOA will no longer automatically renew contracts for foreign reporters. According to Mike Parker, there is a”systematic system” in these US government-run media. , Serious and fundamental”security issues, and these issues have existed for many years.