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The fossils of Zhejiang and Yunnan in China have made contributions! Scientists’ first evidence:human middle ear evolved from fish gills

However, from a scientific point of view, at present, it is more recognized that the only existing species of human genus is Homo sapiens, that is, whether you are Han, ethnic minorities, yellow skinned Chinese, brown skinned, white skinned, black skinned races with other skin colors, everyone’s ancestors are Homo sapiens, and the anatomical structure of modern people, that is, late Homo sapiens, has appeared in this world about 40000 or 50000 years ago.


Chinese scientists discovered the specific preservation mechanism of Chlorella 600 million years ago

Beijing, Nanjing, January 10 (reporter Yang Yanci) according to the news of Nanjing Institute of Geology and paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences on the 10th, the researchers of the Institute found the specific preservation mechanism of Chlorella fossils in a latest study. This kind of Chlorella fossil is common in the Lantian biota of Ediacaran in China about 600 million years ago.