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Interpretation of CBA Rules:What does it mean to seize power and violate the body? What is the difference between them?

In the Beijing-Guangdong battle last night, the scene of Wang Xiaohui flying and tripping over Wilms caused an uproar on the Internet. Because of its very bad nature, this behavior was widely criticized by fans. The referee also paid close attention to his mistakes and called him a foul. , To expel it directly. However, in this incident, many fans expressed their confusion about the power foul, what is the power foul? What is the difference between it and violations?


International referee interpretation:In addition to Fellaini’s lore, how many miscalculations does the referee owe Luneng?

Based on the case,”New Horizons in Sports” invited senior international referee Wang Xuezhi to comment on the performance of the referees in this round of Super League. Controversial penalty:In the 4th minute of the game, Gerdes got the ball from the frontcourt and broke into the penalty area. The China Fortune defender and Gerdes made physical contact. Gerdes fell in the penalty area, but the referee believed that the ball was not fouled.


Football penalty scale

On the 22nd, in the second round of the first round of the second stage of the Chinese Super League Championship, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan and Shandong Luneng drew 1:1 in the first half. From the 69th minute, Luneng player Gerdes broke through the bottom and scored the goal. , Liu Yu in the assist segment broke.


Jin Jingdao:The referee said Gerdes did not foul, VAR reminded him to foul​​​​

Shandong Luneng’s total score was eliminated by Beijing Guoan and missed the semifinals. In the second round, the referee’s controversial penalty once again caused concern. After the game, Luneng player Jin Jingdao revealed that the referee did not think that Gerdes fouled, but Var reminded him of the foul. In the 69th minute, Guedes dribbled the ball to the bottom line on the right. He sent an inverted triangle cross. At this time, Duan Liu Yu, who had outflanked the penalty area, volleyed and scored.


Jin Jingdao posted:The referee said that Gerdes did not foul, but VAR reminded him of the foul

Live broadcast, October 22. In response to the controversial penalty in this game, Luneng player Jin Jingdao posted a Weibo post after the game:Is it good or bad to know a language? The referee said no foul, and var reminded him of the foul. Note:Referee:Jin Xikun; VAR assistant referee:Maning. In the 69th minute of the match, Duan Liuyu scored, but after the goal, the referee communicated with the video referee to determine whether the goal was valid.


This is Yi Jianlian’s classmate? Five offenses were knocked out in 7 minutes! Du Feng and Zhu Fangyu really misunderstood the person?

Guangdong’s problem was mainly on the inside line. In the first half of the game, the foul data was quite astonishing. Guangdong had already committed as many as 21 fouls, while the Shenzhen team had only 14 fouls. There are as many as 7 fewer than their opponents, and the Guangdong team’s fouls here are all concentrated on the inside players. The Guangdong team’s three insiders all came off the bench today. As a result, Su Wei ate in just 6 minutes. When there were 5 fouls, Zeng Fanri got 4 fouls in three minutes and Zhang Hao got 5 fouls in 7 minutes, and there were 2 turnovers.


Thick eyebrows blamed themselves for the”three stupid fouls” and said it was easy to avoid

In an interview today, Davis took the initiative to take the responsibility for the loss and self-criticized yesterday’s”three stupid fouls”. In his opinion, these fouls are actually very easy to avoid. In addition, Davis also said that the Lakers did not communicate enough on the defensive end:”We didn’t do this well last night. This is an important reason for our loss.”


James:I like to play against Butler, I will miss this moment after retirement

After the game, James attended the press conference and was interviewed by reporters. Speaking of the team’s overtaking score in the final quarter, James said:“They continued to score since then. We made mistakes and failed to score. Butler participated in almost every attack they followed. Obviously we wanted to Play better.”


With 20 red cards in the 11 rounds of the Super League without additional penalties, will the Football Association’s excessive tolerance become connivance?

On Monday, the Chinese Football Association issued a heavy ticket for the fierce conflict between the Shanghai Women’s Football Team and the Wuhan Women’s Football Team in the seventh round of the Women’s Super League. The Shanghai team’s foreign aid Camilla included many players and jobs involved in the conflict. The personnel received heavy penalties including suspensions and fines.