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There is a huge attractor 200 million light years away, and the Milky Way is also falling towards it, but I still don’t know what it is.

The movement of various celestial bodies in the universe mainly depends on gravity. On the earth, the gravity of the earth dominates everything. In the earth-moon system, the moon with a smaller mass also orbits the earth under the action of the earth’s gravity, while in the solar system , The sun is the absolute center of gravity, all celestial bodies in the entire solar system are orbiting the sun.


330 million light-years away, two black holes began to merge, scientists worried about the future of mankind

Scientists have found more than 300 galaxies through the Hubble Telescope archived data, and more than 90 galaxies through the Keck Observatory. Among these galaxies, there are more than a dozen galaxies that are merging. In general, the merger of galaxies in the universe is very A common situation, and these galaxies are 300 million light-years away from the earth on average, and their masses are very close to those of the Milky Way. Scientists have discovered that more than 15%of galaxies and galaxies are paired with the central black hole. Two black holes appear because of the continuous merger of galaxies.


How old can we see the most distant stars?

When we look into the depths of the universe, we are not seeing the celestial bodies today, but what they looked like when the light that reached the earth was emitted. The closest star to us is Proxima Centauri, which is about 4.24 light years away;


9 interesting facts about the Milky Way, do you know what the Milky Way is orbiting?

Scientists have recently discovered that there are a large number of ancient stars on the edge of the Milky Way. These stars form a halo around the Milky Way. Astronomers believe that a group of stars had impacted the Milky Way a long time ago. The clusters of stars that were originally clustered were pulled by the galaxy’s gravity. It becomes a long strip, and the light from the stars scattered around the galaxy makes the Milky Way look like a”ring”.


The Sagittarius dwarf galaxy is being destroyed, it will merge into the Milky Way, and humans may be able to witness this wonderful moment

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, after a large-scale survey of the Milky Way and its surrounding galaxies by foreign scientists, they discovered that the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy is now on the verge of destruction. The collision between it and the Milky Way looks like prey and predator. Relationship, it obviously has no chance of winning, so humans may be witnessing its demise.


If there are no human beings, does the universe have meaning? In fact, the universe did not intend to have humans!

If the southern hemisphere is included, there are about 6000 stars in the night sky in the whole sky area. Of course, the light pollution and haze are relatively heavy now. It is estimated that only a few stars can be seen, but this is nothing. Relationship, because there are hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way, and there are trillions of galaxies in the entire universe!