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After the US GDP plummeted, it was 8 trillion yuan more than China. Does China still have a chance?

Since the beginning of this year, the international situation has changed drastically, and the impact of the epidemic has swept the world. As my country’s economy is gradually recovering, the latest fiscal data released by the US Department of Commerce shows that the United States is experiencing its biggest problem in the past 70 years. In the second quarter of 2020, U.S. GDP fell by 32 year-on-year.


Kazakhstan finds a strange circle, a huge gap appears above the sky, expert:third world entrance

The 21st century is a new era in the development of science and technology. People gradually understand the structure of the world. The emergence of various micro detectors has also turned our attention to the universe. We are full of curiosity in the unknown field of outer space. It is precisely because of this that we gradually understand Space, but space is always wrapped with a layer of yarn, and we cannot see its full face, so some speculations have appeared in front of us. For example, when black holes appeared, scientists were guessing whether humans can pass through black holes. Whether the gap in the sky exists in the third world, in fact, our guess is still based on certain facts.