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European Cup-France 1-0 Lectra Germany Hummels Oolong Mbappé + Benzema score invalid

At 3 a.m. Beijing time on June 16, the most anticipated match of the 2020 European Cup group stage finally arrived. The German-French battle was held at the Allianz Arena in Munich. In the first half, Hummels scored an own goal; in the second half, Mbappe and Benzema scored goals, but both were offside. In the end, the French team defeated the German team 1-0 and won this strong dialogue.


France vs Germany preview:favorites to win the clash! The rooster has hidden dangers in internal strife, and the chariot hopes to end the embarrassment

The first round of the European Cup group stage France VS Germany June 16 03:00 The last match of the European Cup group stage ushered in the highlight, the French team VS Germany team, the two favorites to win a direct dialogue. France was exposed to infighting before the current European Cup, which will also be their biggest hidden danger. Can the German team use this opportunity to break the recent embarrassing record of invincibility against the French team, while also laying the foundation for the group to qualify?


Germany defeated Spain 0-6

In the early morning of November 18th, Beijing time, the final round of the 2020/2021 season of the European Football League A Division 4 ushered in a strong matchup. Spain played at home against the four World Cup champions Germany. This originally evenly matched game ended in a 0-6 defeat by the German team.


UEFA Europa League:Spain beat Germany 6-0, Portugal beat Croatia

Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, November 17-The UEFA Nations League held three A-level group matches on the 17th. The Spanish team swept the German team 6-0 at home and won the first place in Group D to advance to the finals. The French team played at home. The 4:2 victory over Sweden degraded their opponents, and the Portuguese team defeated Croatia 3:2 in the away game.


The year of standing! The German team officially sends greetings to Schurle on his 30th birthday

Live broadcast, November 6th. Do you still remember Gotze’s winning goal in the 2014 World Cup final? Before Gotze completed the stop and hit the goal, it was Hurle on the left who sent him an assist. This summer, Hurle announced his retirement, and many fans regretted him. Today is November 6th, which is also Xu Erle’s 30th birthday. The German team has sent blessings to him. Let us wish Xu Erle happy birthday!


Germany suffered its first opening goal loss in nearly 11 years, the last time it played for the Chinese team

This concealed goal in the 5th minute was the German team’s earliest opening goal concealment in the past 11 years. It is worth mentioning that the last time the German team conceded a goal in the opening 5 minutes, they faced the Chinese team in 2009. In the May match between China and Germany, Hao Junmin scored the goal of the German team in the opening 5 minutes, and the game finally drew 1-1.