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There are 4 prehistoric giant paintings on the earth that can only be seen at high altitude. Who created these patterns?

There are many ancient ruins on the earth that were discovered by planes at high altitude. These ancient ruins have never been discovered before. It seems that they were originally intended to be shown to people in the sky. The most famous one is the Nazca Lines in Peru. In fact, there are similar mysterious relics in other places. Let’s take a look at the mysterious relics that need to be discovered at high altitude.


The United States eradicated the first”Asian Giant Killer Bee” nest! Experts warn of complete elimination

Workers of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in protective clothing eradicated the first colony of”Asian Giant Killer Bees” found in the United States on October 24, local time, and vacuumed them from a tree in Washington State. come out. The United States first discovered this deadly alien species invasion at the end of last year and has been closely following it for several months.


Without fear of conflict with the United States, EU officials say they plan to impose a digital tax on tech giants in 2021

European Commissioner for Economy and Taxation and former Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni said on September 5 that from an economic point of view, technology giants are the real winners of the epidemic, but they have not paid corresponding taxes in Europe. If the OECD fails to A consensus has been reached on digital taxes, and the EU will propose a new digital tax in 2021.