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Xiangyang, Hubei: Thousand-year-old ginkgo flourishes

   China News Service, Xiangyang, September 14 (Hu Chuanlin, Chen Xiaoxi) The “Top Ten Most Beautiful Ancient Trees” for the first time in Hubei Province was announced recently. A ginkgo tree located in Xiangcheng District, Xiangyang City is on the list. The ancient tree is about 1,500 years old.


[Prose] I am under the blue sky

Early winter, sunny, gentle breeze, blue sky. The sky is like washing, without a trace of clouds, it can only be described as clean. I look towards the sky, blue, reminiscent of the sea, the blue of the sea. The blue sky seemed to be still there, and when I looked at it, my heart was calm as water. I walked into the early winter under the blue sky. Ginkgo trees, Populus tomentosa, autumn flowers, autumn fruits, everything still has the shadow of late autumn. The brilliant golden ginkgo tree shone with gleaming luster.