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Scientists discover a new state of glass “liquid glass”

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At least this is usually the case. In this new study, the researchers discovered a new form of glass in which the atoms exhibit a complex behavior that has never been seen before in large glass. Essentially, atoms can move but cannot rotate.

The research team discovered this in a colloidal suspension model system. These mixtures are composed of large solid particles suspended in a fluid, which makes it easier for scientists to observe the physical behavior of atoms or molecules. Normally, these particles are spherical, but in this experiment, the research team used elliptical particles so that they can know which direction they are pointing in.

Researchers tested the difference in fluid The concentration of particles, the ability to track their movement and rotation. Eventually they found that, in higher concentrations, these particles would prevent each other from rotating, but they could still move and form a liquid glass state.

The main author of the research, Andreas Zumbusch, pointed out: “At a specific particle density, the directional motion stops, while the translational motion remains unchanged, which causes the particles to aggregate to form a glass state with a similarly oriented local structure. .”

Liquid glass has been predicted for decades, and now, new observations indicate that similar processes may have a role in other glass forming systems.

Matthias Fuchs, the senior paper author of the study, said: “From a theoretical point of view, this is very interesting. Our experiment provides evidence for the interaction between critical wave and glass retardation. This is a question that the scientific community has been studying.”


The domestic first calendering method to prepare fluorescent glass

The reporter recently learned from the Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute that the new material research and development team of the institute successfully prepared fluorescent glass using rare earths as raw materials and calendered to prepare high-power white LED sample lamps for phosphors, setting a domestic precedent for this technology.


The third-ranked successor to the U.S. President has contracted the new crown virus and had contact with confirmed patients

Overseas Network GETTY Overseas Network, November 18th. On the 17th local time, the 87-year-old Grassley, the Speaker of the U.S. Senate, announced that he had tested positive for the new crown. According to U.S. media reports such as NBC and The New York Times, Grassley first stated earlier that day that he had been in contact with patients with the new crown and was quarantining at home. Later, he tweeted to confirm that he tested positive for the new crown.