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Mankind will pay for Japan’s plan to discharge one million tons of nuclear waste water into the sea

On the morning of the 22nd local time, Japan’s Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission officially approved the nuclear polluted water discharge plan of Tokyo Electric Power Company after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. The nuclear polluted water discharge plan is scheduled to start discharging nuclear sewage next spring. At the end of April this year, Tokyo Electric Power company began the construction of the drainage outlet of the nuclear sewage discharge subsea tunnel, with the goal of completing the relevant projects in April 2023, It is reported that the discharge plan will last for 10 years, and eventually all nuclear polluted water will be discharged into the Pacific Ocean.


China has built the largest network infrastructure in the world

The total amount of digital economy ranks second in the world, the total amount of 5g base stations accounts for more than 60%of the world, and the scale of network infrastructure is the largest in the world… Since the report of the 19th CPC National Congress in 2017 clearly proposed the construction of Digital China, the construction of Digital China has made remarkable achievements in forging ahead.


Global food prices have fallen again, falling for three consecutive months! Is the price of grain going down?

Recently, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization released the global food price index for June, which was basically in line with market expectations, and global food prices continued to decline. Data showed that the global food price index in June was 154.2 points, down 2.3%from May, the third month of decline since this year, but still increased by 23.1%year-on-year.


Scientists warn that global high temperatures may become more frequent and violent in the next few years

Recently, the World Meteorological Organization released a report that in 2021, the four key indicators of climate change, greenhouse gas concentration, sea level rise, ocean heat and ocean acidification, all set new records, indicating that human activities are causing global land, ocean and atmospheric changes, which have a lasting and harmful impact on Sustainable Development and ecosystems.


Here comes the golden sentence poster!

Peace and development are still the themes of the times, but instability and uncertainty are more prominent. To meet global security challenges and improve global security governance, all countries must adhere to the concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security.


Observation at the end of 2021: understand the five “new” of China’s diplomacy

Beijing, Dec. 27 (Meng Xiangjun) – a century of changes superimposed on the century epidemic. In 2021, the game between major powers is complex and fierce, and the surrounding security situation is becoming more and more complex. China is facing multiple tests. Through extensive and in-depth diplomatic practice, China has maintained integrity and innovation at five levels, showing the style and responsibility of a big country.