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Zhejiang Quzhou and the Chinese Chess Association jointly established the “International Go Cultural Exchange Center”

   China News Network, Quzhou, March 26 (Hu Ding, Xu Yingzhi, Zheng Fei) On the 26th, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province and the Chinese Go Association held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony in the local area, agreeing to cooperate in ten areas. Among them, the two parties will jointly promote the construction of the Quzhou International Go Cultural Exchange Center, and build the “Lan Ke Game Room” at “Chaijia Alley No. 27”, turning it into a world Go “peak showdown” comparable to the Japanese chess school “Between the Mysteries” The place”.


Little chess players in Nanjing Hanfu play “Chess” with endless joy

The purpose of this competition is to further strengthen the construction of the youth team and enhance the overall strength of the youth team. Photo by  Yangbo

Although Go is only black and white, it exudes endless charm due to its endless changes. Photo by  Yangbo

In order to spread the traditional culture and let the audience feel the charm of Go, the Six Dynasties Museum also launched the “Go and Six Dynasties” exhibition. Photo by  Yangbo

Go once flourished in the ancient capitals of the Six Dynasties and had a positive influence on later generations. Photo by  Yangbo

Young chess players dressed in Hanfu played against each other. Photo by  Yangbo

Professional Go coaches hang up the board to teach the little Go lovers. Photo by  Yangbo

   On January 10, small Go players in Hanfu played against each other. On the same day, the Nanjing Go Youth Team Trial was held at the Six Dynasties Museum in Nanjing. Young chess players from Nanjing Chess Academy sat on the ground to learn chess skills. At the same time, the organizer also invited professional coaches to talk about chess, attracting many Go lovers to come to exchange and learn.


Experts hotly discuss “Starting from Eighteen Holes” innovative methods to tell the story of poverty alleviation

   China News Service, Beijing, December 30. On the 29th, the Development Research Center of the State Administration of Radio and Television and Hunan Radio and Television Station held an expert seminar on a large-scale TV feature film “Starting from the Eighteen Holes” in Beijing. Experts at the conference believed that the show carried out bold innovations and was an iconic cultural and creative work reflecting poverty alleviation.


Is not strong enough for AI to come together? South Korean Go genius girl used AI to cheat, banned for one year

Source:CCTV. In the context of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Go game can be said to be the least affected item of all sports events. Thanks to the advantages of online competitions, many traditional world competitions including Ying’s Cup and Samsung Cup were successfully held. However, in September of this year, the Korean chess world was exposed to the fact that some players used artificial intelligence in online games, which is also an incident of AI cheating, which brought into question the fairness of online Go games.


Nearly 2,000 teenagers in Qinghai competed on the same field, carrying out seven rounds of chessboard games

The picture shows the scene of the game. Photo by Zhang Tianfu, Xining, Xining, November 7th (Zhang Tianfu, Zhang Ao) The”China Sports Lottery Cup” 2020 Qinghai Youth Go final stage and promotion tournament will be held at Qinghai Sports Center from 7th to 8th. Approximately 2,000 young people from 38 teams from Qinghai Province played a total of seven rounds of 13,580 games.


Nearly 2,000 teenagers in Qinghai competed on the same field, carrying out seven rounds of chessboard games

“Go is a treasure of the Chinese nation’s traditional culture. It is broad, profound, and has a long history. It is an intellectual sport that is very beneficial to the physical and mental health of young people and children,” said Guo Haijun, secretary general of the Qinghai Chess Association. In recent years, Go has been active in the province. Many schools in the provinces, cities and prefectures have opened the second classroom of the Go course and regard Go education as a banner in the construction of campus culture.”By learning Go, the children’s thinking ability will be further exercised. The holding of Go games is conducive to the communication between players. , Can also inherit traditional culture.”


Ke Jie’s”National Advanced Worker” is gone…

In May of this year,”Recommended candidates for National Model Workers and Advanced Workers in Yunnan Province in 2020″ was announced, and Go player Ke Jie was among them. However, Ke Jie’s name could not be found in the”2020 National Announcement of Model Workers and Advanced Workers to Commend” in October this year. In May of this year, Ke Jie was included in the”National List of Recommended Workers for Advanced Workers (Yunnan Province, 20 in total)”.