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Will the United States lose 600 tons of gold from China? 15 countries applied to ship back U.S. gold deposits, only 4 countries succeeded

Gold is a material with strong value preservation. It can be said that which country reserves the most is the richest. The country with the most gold reserves in the world today is the”victor” of World War II, the United States, with a total of 8133.5 tons of reserves. It is just worth noting that besides this, the United States is also the”steward” of gold in other countries around the world!


The United States has no bottom line to print money. The 15th country officially announced the return of gold from the United States. Things have changed.

At present, the total debt deficit displayed on the following real-time clock of the US Federal Treasury bonds like an airplane dashboard has jumped three levels in a row to exceed the US$27.5 trillion mark, and the data is still growing in real time. We noticed that this is relatively When Reagan delivered his resignation speech, the increase was more than 9 times. Goldman Sachs predicted that the US budget deficit in fiscal year 2020 alone will exceed 5 trillion.


The Fed may go bankrupt. After 13 countries shipped gold from the United States, the 14th country officially shipped gold back

Just now, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve had a serious conflict, causing a large number of market sell-offs. According to a Bloomberg report on November 20, local time in the U.S., the U.S. Treasury Department required the Fed to hand over the unused $455 billion in stimulus funds. , The Federal Reserve responded in a brief statement on its website, hoping that the entire emergency plan launched during the spread of the new coronavirus will continue to play their important role and provide support to the United States’ still tense and fragile economy.


International gold prices encounter”Black Monday” interviewed experts bullish future gold prices

Our reporter Tan Zhijuan reported from Beijing on November 9 that the sharp drop in international gold prices aroused market attention and fell below US$1,850 per ounce that day. As of the close, the most active December gold futures price on the New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures market fell 97.3 US dollars from the previous trading day to close at 1854.4 US dollars per ounce, a drop of 4.99%, also the largest one-day drop in the past seven years.


Break the world record again

Gold prices have gone wild in the past two days. Due to the unexpected performance of this precious metal, exchange-traded funds investing in gold ushered in an unprecedented bumper harvest. Gold ETFs increased their gold holdings by more than 1,000 tons during the year, and the scale of gold holdings set a record.