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Sentences to greet December

Time changes, four seasons reincarnate, one leaf knows autumn, and frost enters winter. Don’t know how to be late, do not waste, do not waste, do not read the past, do not fear the future. From now on, don’t lose time, goodbye November, hello December. Time is like a stream of water, all the way forward, and in a blink of an eye, 2020 has come to an end. From this moment on, don’t lose time, goodbye November and hello December.


One person alone

Autumn is deep in this world, what should be gained has not yet been obtained, and what should be lost has long been lost. When things go wrong, even the simplest little things in your life, you can’t tell others, because they will think that you are inviting sympathy.


How long can a girl hold back without a boyfriend?

I learned later that if I really let go of someone, there would be no hysteria, and I would not be short of a big piece in my heart. I would continue to eat and sleep and play games, but I knew clearly that we would never be possible anymore.