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Rich is troublesome, longevity is more humiliation

One day when I read a book, I suddenly found the sentence”The rich is troublesome, and the longevity is more humiliation”. At that time, when he was young, the only saint was pretending to be noble and hypocritical. It was a bit like Ma Yun said that he never loved money.


Grandpa passed away 3 days ago Meng Geng Ruyi:Cherish that time I shook your hand

Entertainer Meng Gengru and Huang Zijiao have a long-distance love run for 7 years. They successfully registered their marriage in March. After being upgraded to husband and wife, they often share their sweet daily life on social software. The way to send away friends, she did not expect to post a message on the evening of the 9th, frankly sending away grandpa recently, so that a large number of netizens poured in to leave messages to comfort her.


This return description is on fire! Everyone said:What a lovely person

But the return instructions are all the same:I don’t like it, it’s inappropriate, I don’t want it… Recently, a netizen shared his grandfather. This description has hundreds of words. In the seller’s reply, the netizen said:There are two letters back and forth, the grandfather is simple, and the owner has the heart,”the beauty of the world is always intertwined”. When the granddaughter told her grandfather that it became popular online. Grandpa said calmly:”You lend me a lot of fire?”


What sad stories have you heard?

The world is unexpected every day, every day is caught off guard, not everyone can predict the near future, and no one drafted”If There Is Tomorrow” for you early.