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The ice is melting in almost every area of ​​Greenland

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Researchers have found that since 2000, no glacier has extended significantly.


The treasure island that the United States is thinking about is melting at an average rate of 1 million tons per minute

In the past few days, a research report published in”Communication-Earth and Environment” under the authoritative science weekly”Nature” caused a lot of shock. The content is that due to climate warming, the volume ratio of the melting ice sheet in Greenland in 2019 The record set in 2012 was 15%higher, melting nearly 532 billion tons of ice in a super record.


Greenland Holdings:Successfully controlled Guangxi Construction Engineering, one of the largest mixed-use reform projects this year successfully landed

Today, Greenland Holdings issued an announcement that it successfully acquired 66%of the state-owned equity of Guangxi Construction Engineering for 3.576 billion yuan, and achieved a strategic shareholding in this leading provincial construction company. This means that this year is one of the largest state-owned and state-owned enterprise mixed reform projects in the country. Landed successfully.