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“Fatal wedding”:more than 100 people infected, the groom died

At this critical juncture, another”fatal wedding” took place in India, infecting more than 100 people. According to information added by the Indian media on July 2, more than 300 people attended the man’s wedding and nearly 200 people attended the funeral. Many of them also participated in these two ceremonies.


The wedding changed into a funeral, Indian men still hold a wedding with high fever, and died 2 days later

Original title:Indian men held weddings regardless of the epidemic situation, died 2 days later, and over 100 guests tested positive for the new crown. Relatives of the bridegroom said that before the wedding, the bridegroom felt unwell and hoped to postpone the wedding, but because the parents of both parties believed that canceling the wedding would cause huge economic losses, it was not recommended to do so, so they had to insist on continuing the wedding.